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Sports bets and picks are difficult. You need to find a booking site that is fair. Duck Investments is your partner in betting.

How to Pick a Winner

Picking the winning team is a matter of probability. Even the most powerful computer is not right all of the time. So many factors go into picking the winning number. 

The right roster, the health of the team, the weather, and even the fans play a role in your ability to win. A small injury can derail an entire season and throw your bet under the bus.

What does the probability of winning mean?

Every factor influences your probability of winning. In sports betting, odds mean everything. The small events play into your overall odds of winning.

Unfortunately, betting websites know this. They adjust payouts to match. The lower the probability your team wins, the higher the payout. Betting is a business.

Do I need to pick an underdog to win money in sports betting?

It may seem like you need an underdog to come up big to profit. That is not the case. Carefully placed bets matter over the long run.

Just like with an investment portfolio, a balanced approach to betting may yield steady returns. Every bet you make comes with the risk of loss. Hedge funds and savvy investors play the odds in their favor, occasionally picking a long shot where the payout is likely larger.

Finding a Partner in Betting

You may not be able to exert the same level of control over your bets as an angel investor. However you can maximize your potential. Betting consultants are a perfect match for dedicated investors.

Duck Investments takes betting seriously. We care for clients with carefully tailored picks allowing you to build a full portfolio. There is nothing better than the feeling of winning and we work hard to find hidden gems.

What are the benefits of a sports betting consultant?

Consultants offer clients more than picks. We delve in risk management.

Among the benefits a consultant offers are:

  • Access to a large number of well-researched bets
  • Thorough analysis of teams and the events that lead to a win
  • A balanced approach to betting

We have an army of researchers and a mountain of databases at our disposal. An individual often does not have the same level of resources at their disposal.

The Risk of Betting

Everything comes with a level of risk. The riskiest bets often end up being the opportunities of a lifetime. The probability that a technology startup fails is 90 percent. Compare the 10 percent chance of winning to the many sports betting picks at or over 50 percent.

How do the wealthy make money on their bets? With the right consultants or knowledge to prevent risk from outweighing reward. Duck Investments can act as your hedge. 

Sports Bets and Picks Anywhere at Any Time

Duck Investments offers sports bets and picks to help you create a balanced portfolio. Visit our website to bet anywhere at any time.

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